Enjoy the benefits of sharing a place to live

Welcome to Find A Cohouse.
The free searching tool for shared living in Belgium.

We all want to feel at home somewhere. 

Enjoy sharing it.

Living on your own for the first time, but preferable not alone.
Staying together with friends and yet everyone has his place.
Locally immersed during a stay abroad.
A temporary step after a turbulent relationship.
Too much empty space, once the kids are out the house.
Safer together among seniors.
Cohousing or Coliving can take many forms. One thing is clear: in addition to your own private place, you share spaces that you do not need every moment and where you can spend time with others and exchange experiences.
You are ecological with available space, meet new people and keep your budget affordable by sharing costs.
In short: Sharing a place to live has many advantages.

What Find A Cohouse means for you


Sharing a house with roommates? You own private house with shared community in a Cohousing project? Or an empty house where you can start your own Cohousing?
In nature or in the city? For a while or just temporary?

Use the filters and read the description of the place, roommates, location and hot spots nearby.

Cohouse profile

A good atmosphere between residents is essential. Differences don't have to be an obstacle, but if your needs are far from the others, you're probably not going to feel happy.

So tell us about yourself, your wishes and what you are looking for in your personal Cohouse profile and share it with the places that inspire you or others who want to cohouse. 


Have you found a nice place or co-resident? Communicate discreetly and personally.

No crowded messenger or whatsapp. The message box keeps all your cohouse messages together.

You will find it in your personal overview, together with your favorite places, profile and personal settings.

Cohousing is more then coming home, it's sharing experiences.