So nice that you offer a place to share.

Sharing a place to live doesn't just give you a financial advantage. You provide a home and bring people together. 
So don't hesitate, post your place and find the ideal Co-residents.

Provide all useful info in 6 steps.  Write in a nice, honest way and use attractive photos.

Do you want more time: no problem: what you enter is saved. You can always find it after Login: My Data - My offers. 

Your advantages

  • Easy to use
    Enter your info in the preset forms. This way you do not forget important information. You can clearly indicate what you offer and what is important to you. 
    This helps you avoid a mismatch.
  • Single entry
    You only have to enter information once. Everything remains saved and editable. 
    If you want to share several places: add a new one or copy and paste an existing one.
    Enough reactions? With one click you can take your spot offline.
  • Focus on personal match   
    Check the personal Cohouse profile. This can help you in your selection. 
    And it is a pefect way to start a conversation together
  • Central and discrete communicationIn your message box you can chat privately and you find personal information. This way you keep your sms box, messenger or whatsapp free for friends and family.
  • Confidentially
    We do not publish names, email addresses, telephone or house numbers. You decide what info you give in your personal communication.