So nice that you offer a place to share.

Sharing a place to live not only provides a financial advantage. You offer a home and bring people together. 
Don't hesitate, publish your place and make advantage of these benefits: 

  • One-time entry, always saved
    You only need to enter once.

    Everything remains saved and editable via your login: My Overview- My offers.  

  • Automatic translation 
    Your offer will be automatically translated into Dutch.

    You do not have to provide a translation yourself.

  • Online & offline in 1 click

    Enough responses? Switch your offer offline.
    A last minute cancellation? Easy back online.

  • Focus on personal match   
    When living together, a good match is important. Check the Cohouse profile of candidates: we asked for a lot of interesting information in advance.
    This can help you in your selection or is a perfect way to start a conversation.
    Prefer to match yourself? You can contact candidates with an active profile via the homepage.
  • Centralized and discrete communication  
    No public comments. You find all reactions in your message box where you can privately chat.
    This way you keep your sms, messenger or whatsapp free for friends and family. By default, we do not publish email addresses or telephone numbers. You decide what info you share in your personal messages.