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We are convinced that communal living will become one of the most important forms of housing of the future.
Building land is becoming scarce, the housing market unaffordable.
Sharing living spaces is a sustainable solution that goes beyond a financial benefit. It brings people closer together!

It is therefore not surprising that this form of housing is on the rise and appeals to people from diverse backgrounds, ages and locations. Builidng on this is our mission.

On this platform we bring together providers and seekers who want to co-live.
We want to facilitate their search for a place or resident through structure, overview and matching.

Find a Cohouse only offers a platform on which one can publish freely. We do not manage any properties.
We therefore strongly advise to always assess the place and the correctness in person, before making any engagement or payment.

We consider honesty very important, so do not hesitate to report profiles or providers who abuse this platform.



To help us grow, all questions, feedback and tips are also very welcome!