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Update ☺️ tss Antwerp and Mechelen A12&E19

Type of cohouse

Private residence + shared space (1 slaapkamers)

Personal space

I furnish the entire 2nd floor (during the months of Oct-Nov-Dec), 2 rooms, 1 with a kitchenette. The bathroom is shared. you are free to determine what is most desirable and most feasible for me.
More photos available later. The photos you see now are of the current state of the playroom and music room, which will be emptied in the near future.
The available spaces: 1 spacious living room of 3x5 = 15m² and 1 room of 3.5x2.5 = 8.5m², total available private area. is 23.5m².

Common parts

A large house, with 2 full floors, of which the 2nd floor has 2 rooms and a kitchenette available.
GLVL: enter through the front door or the bicycle garage followed by the entrance (shared), laundry room (shared), living room partly private and open kitchen partly private with open, nature view over the garden partly private and the fields at the back.
1st floor: Bathroom (shared) (2 bedrooms and dressing room for myself and co-parenting 2 kids)
2nd floor: full floor with 2 rooms available and kitchenette
3rd Floor: Attic space / studio / storage


  • Kitchens: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Garden/patio
  • Digital Tv or Netflix
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Bicycle storage
  • Storage possible
  • Free parking
  • BBQ
In nature