Automatic translation

1 to 2 rooms available

Type of cohouse

Private room + shared house

Personal space

Bedroom(s) in progress. In consultation.

Common parts

An old farmhouse from the 1860s located in Pulderbos-Zandhoven. The house is a terraced house with a backyard, covered terrace and bicycle garage / storage area.
The living space consists of 2 compartments such as a sitting area (lounge) and an area with a dining table. Changes can be made to this (e.g. each person has their own seat or rearrangement of cupboards, subject to respectful agreement). There is one kitchen with refrigerator/freezer, sink and dishwasher. One step lower is a small cellar with a mini oven and microwave, mainly intended as a storage place for food and drinks + cleaning supplies. At the back of the house towards the outside door there is a "laundry room" with washing machine and sink and downstairs toilet, and this room also consists of two parts. Maybe there will be another bath here later. In the kitchen there is a staircase to the top floor, where 1 to 2 rooms are currently available. There is a communal shower room with toilet and rain shower. This house also has an attic that can serve as a storage space. All mentioned areas are communal.


  • Kitchens: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Garden/patio
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Bicycle storage
  • Free parking
  • BBQ
In nature