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wanted: roommate for ecological living in Vosselare

Type of cohouse

Private room + shared house

Personal space

Everyone has 1 private room in the house, your bedroom.
This is on the second floor, on the side of the garden.
The room is about 18 m2 and has a sloping surface on one side (under the roof).

Common parts

We are Thomas, Lieze (36 y), Daniel (27 y) and Jerermy, Joske and Johny (our 3 chickens).
We would like to live together based on respect, community and ecology.
Why community? Many hands make light work, it's nice to create a vegetable garden together, build a pizza oven or just eat together.
Why respect? We think it is important that both the privacy of each individual is respected and that there is room to share meals or evenings. Just one thing: we wouldn't want a TV in the house…
Why ecology? The situation we are all in at the moment touches us deeply, we also want to take our responsibility here and see how we can live on the planet with less packing. (car sharing, no meat, local food, no smoking, permaculture garden,..)
Who are we?
Thomas: I am a French circus artist (but I am learning Dutch ;)), clown and acrobat, a cycling traveler, a reader in the couch, a tinkerer of dinosaurs and an aquarium lover.
Lieze: I really like being outside, doing sports, in nature, walking in woods, working in the garden, and working on an organic farm and giving mindfulness training (
Daniel: I'm busy with a PhD in sociology. I also have many hobbies and activities, I cycle a lot (preferably with long tours and cycling holidays), I like to cook and garden.
-the house: well designed and insulated house in complete order, the bedroom (18 m2) and small garden.
-1 Jan 2023
-€ 250 + costs
Do you feel like it ?
We are curious about you!


  • Kitchens: 1
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Garden/patio
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Internet/Wifi
In nature