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Cozy Inside/Out Covered wagon on the paradise Soulpath domain

Type of cohouse

Private residence in cohouse project (1 slaapkamers)

Personal space

The Cozy Inside-Out Covered Wagon is a cozy Low-Budget covered wagon, lightly insulated with a spacious French bed.
Lots of cozy candles, beautiful view of the meadows and the forest. And this covered wagon has a wood stove that heats wonderfully warm. You won't get cold here.
There is basic service for 2 people, vitalized drinking water, coffee, tea, pepper & salt, olive oil, all organic). There is a power bank. The covered wagon has a sitting/reclining sofa, outside there is an outdoor table with 2 chairs.
The space
There is room in the room to put a table yourself if you wish. So you can take a folding table and chair from under the bed and use it.
The Wellness corner is +- 50 meters away on the edge of the forest and is €75 for 2 persons and €55 for 1 person and from a long stay of 1 month it is free 1x per month and the use can be discussed.

Other things to watch out for
No electricity, but there is a USB power bank and candle lighting. 5 liters of vitalized filtered drinking water. 1 refractory cooking pot where you can prepare a 1-pan dish on the stove.

Common parts

Soulpath stands for health & respect for nature, and offers a stay in peace & quiet and in a beautiful natural environment. That is why we live in an ecological way and we ask our guests to eat vegan or vegetarian, not to drink alcohol and not to smoke on our domain. You can stay in the Vajra tipi tent in the forest, in the gypsy wagon (small gypsy wagon), the yurt (authentic Mongolian tent) or the ammavan (caravan in the energy of mother Amma), or in your own tent, all with a fantastic view on the green environment.

Shared kitchen/grape greenhouse

Shared Temple Yurt
Here you can do yoga, meditation, read in silence, be cozy at the stove that you can light yourself.

Use of washing machine in bathroom


  • Kitchens: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Garden/patio
  • Washing machine
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Bicycle storage
  • Free parking
  • BBQ
In nature