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Cozy co-housing in Meeuwen (Oudsbergen)

Type of cohouse

Private room + shared house

Personal space

Two nice spacious rooms in the apartment. Since I will only move into the apartment myself at the beginning of September, we can discuss together who will take which room.
The price is therefore also negotiable, but will be approximately € 400-450 without water, gas and electricity.

All other facilities such as insurance, internet provider and possible cleaning help are certainly negotiable.

Common parts

I am moving to a recently built apartment in the center of Meeuwen (Oudsbergen) at the beginning of September.

It is an apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and terrace. The apartment is air-conditioned. In the basement there is a storage room and space for two vehicles. The garage can be opened/closed with a remote control.

The apartment is very conveniently located with all amenities (shops, school, ice cream parlor, cafes, chip shop, bakery, butcher, sports facilities, banks, ...) within walking distance.

I offer this room and apartment to share the costs, but also because I like some fun in the evening after work. Cooking together, a TV evening, playing sports together, playing a board game, 'going to a terrace' or just offering a listening ear after a hard day. Rest and privacy moments are agreed together and naturally respected. I am very open-minded in this, under the motto: rather alone once in a while than always alone 😅


  • Kitchens: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Private-furnished
  • Garden/patio
  • Digital Tv or Netflix
  • Dishwasher
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Bicycle storage
  • Storage possible
  • Free parking
  • Garage
With the kids